Dreams, dreams, dreams…

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Photo: Will Wissman

And they are all coming true! I write this from a place I have dreamed about for maybe my whole life. As a little girl I would watch ski movies with my dad in front of and behind the lens and would think, I want to do that… About 5 years ago when I decided to take my college degree and become a professional skier with it, I set out some simple goals, outlines really, of things I thought it would be really cool to accomplish. One: heli ski. Duh. Two: film with Warren Miller… Well here I am heli skiing at Mike Weigele’s and filming a K2 segment for Warren Miller… Um, pinch me?

Last winter was a bit of a struggle. Hopes and dreams seemed to be perfectly in sight but just out of reach. After a summer of surgery, rehab, counseling and soul searching… This winter was going to be different. Sure enough, it has been beyond great so far. Mother nature hasn’t exactly been on our side, anywhere, but somehow, I have been doing my best to stay positive and enjoy the little things.

Oh, well, and I got to go to the land of POW… Japan. My 2015 started out with 12 days at Kiroro Resort in Hokkaido, Japan. It was incredible. I was over there with my lady shred crew, McKenna Peterson, Lexi DuPont and Pip Hunt, along with Will Wissman and my dad, Jeff “The Captain” Engerbretson and we were filming for Smith Optics. The trip was killer. We had tons of snow. Fun skiing. Silliness in abundance off the hill. Naked onsens (great for the self confidence) and I even got to end the trip with what felt like an all time Michael Bolton Karaoke performance. It was just what I needed. A perfect reminder of how blissful skiing is and how good it makes me feel.

JaPOW!!! Photo: Will Wissman

North America is not quite as snowy and joyous as Japan, but winter is still rolling on. I am back to smelly Subaru living. Now, after 23 some odd hours of driving north. I am huddled up in the most luxurious, food filled chalet of my dreams waiting for the green light.


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