Swiss Cats


Un, deux, trois, CATS! Oh wait, I think it is actually quatre, ya know four en français. Regardless, over the past few weeks, when I was hanging with my girls Pip Hunt and McKenna Peterson, things got pretty catty, but in such a good way!

An example of one such insta pic.

A couple of days into our K2 all-girls ski trip to Murren, Switzerland, it became clear that I was not going to be able to keep my inner cat-woman secret for long. I kept having the urge to purr, and I didn’t want to keep it in.

It started when we saw a cute little pus pus cross our path on the charming Swiss walkway and I meowed at it. Yup. They thought I was nuts. Then, when we were in a little gift shop I found the jackpot of mini, furry cat statues. Of course, I proceeded to coo over them and snap Insta-selfies with the fake little cats… Very nuts.

I figured it would be good to bring the girls into my little cat world, so on down days I started sharing some of my favorite cat videos. (See examples below)

here’s one more, #rickrolled

They LOVED them! By the middle of the trip, cat terms had become commonplace in our conversations. I was so happy, like a cat in a bird sanctuary. My BF and roomies even sent me a mid-trip pump up video from my own cat Charlie! (Video is being kept private to protect Charlie’s privacy) Instead of shouting “dropping” to our cameraman, it was replaced with, “Three, two, one, Meow!” The girls didn’t even blink when I would trespass on to some Swiss front porch just to pet and cuddle a furry friend!

It was a cat-tastic time. As we were shredding pow, dropping rocks, flying high in the sky and dodging avies (with cat-like agility) it was as if we were Swiss cat skiing. We had the ninja spirit of Mr. Meowgie with us the whole time. We were not just the infamous “Shiltorn Girls” who shredded the Piz Gloria for all the adoring Swiss fans and friends to watch, we were three fine puss… okay not that kitty word, but we were some damn cool cats!

P.S. We preferred fine Swiss butter to lapping milk. FYI.

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